image of ruby laughing from a profile view with a colourful background and purple sun crowning her.

About Ruby

Ruby Smith Díaz was born to Chilean and Jamaican parents in Edmonton – amiskwaciy and graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Education with distinction. Since graduating, she has found her passion working as a youth facilitator and multi-disciplinary artist, and by using art and popular education as tools for activism, empowerment, and community building.

Ruby’s experiences of marginalization as a youth has inspired her to dedicated her work to exploring difficult topics around issues of inclusion. Her combination of empathy, creativity and receptivity has made her a meaningful source of support for youth across the country, and has inspired many of her film and writing projects around topics of inclusion and identity. Most of all, she is invested in helping individuals develop the sense of self-worth and integrity that will make them agents and animators of change in the world, according to their most passionate, fiery and generationally-poignant imaginings.