Having Ruby join us in class, with her skill sets as an artist, teacher, storyteller, and community builder, provided opportunities for students to engage with complex topics, express themselves in unique ways, and see themselves represented in the stories, and storytellers, shared over the duration of our 8-week series.

Joel Wollenberg
Take a Hike Senior Program Teacher

The sessions with Ruby were more than illuminating, they really got my students to think deeply about issues, and to want to inquire further about the issues raised. I learned a great deal but I also got to see someone teach with passion, empathy, and true understanding. My students and I will not forget the lessons learned in the workshops.

Brent Schieve
Social Studies Department Head, Guildford Park Secondary

Ruby is a skilled, engaged, collaborative, and thoughtful facilitator​

Harsha Walia
No One Is Illegal

I had the immense honour of working with Ruby in 2019//2020 where she facilitated this ground breaking workshop series at Windermere Secondary. She is an incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and skilled facilitator and educator. Students expressed an overwhelming appreciation to have participated in this series. For many, it has sparked an interest in racial justice in their school communities and beyond.

Preet Lidder
Mathematics Teacher, Windermere Secondary School

Ruby engaged my Social Studies 8 class with incredibly engaging presentations on Black History and how to be an ally. My students were privileged to have Ruby’s powerful and meaningful workshops, and this all demonstrates how vital Black history is to our curriculum. Thanks Ruby!

Windermere Secondary Social Studies Teacher

An incredible series that disrupts the White Supremacist narratives found in our current school system while also being mindful of Indigenous sovereignty throughout, Ruby uses Black History, Black Futures, Black Excellence and Black Creativity to take students on a creative journey full of discovery, celebration, and pride in Black Identiy. This series helps us operationalize what we mean when we say Black Canadian History is Canadian History. This truly should be a requirement in every class.

Annie Ohana
M/Ed in Equity Studies and Indigenous Department Head

We engaged Ruby to work with our board and staff members over two days on considerations around diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. The workshop was well-paced with a mix of gentle physical activities, shared dialogue and knowledge transfer. Ruby listens carefully, she creates a trusting environment that engenders deep consideration and she is very adept at teasing out the kernel of an issue. We were left with an array of short and long-term goals, access to resources and most significantly a shared understanding and appreciation of the necessary work ahead. Ruby is an exceptional and committed facilitator.

Margaret Chrumka
Executive Director, Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops, BC Canada

Ruby Smith-Díaz is an immensely talented facilitator, deeply committed to social justice. Ruby’s thoughtful and skillful styles create meaningful learning spaces with potential for transformation and change.​

Annie Banks
Co-Facilitator & Coordinator, Anti-Violence Project, Lkwungen And WSANEC Homelands, Victoria BC

Ruby is definitely active in her own decolonization process and actively supporting the Indigenous struggle. She innovative in her work with youth and I feel good knowing I have people like her in my corner.

Molly Wickham
MA- Indigenous Governance, Gitdumden Of The Wet'suwet'en​

Ruby Smith Díaz is a incomparable facilitator of integrity and skill. Ruby is able to keep an overview of logistical concerns while being present for each individual. I recommend Ruby for any planning or facilitation of any youth or adult group. Her hard work is undeniable and her patient listening is deeply felt.​

Khari McClelland
Lead Facilitator With Power Of Hope And PYE Global, Program Planner At Vancouver Moving Theatre​

Ruby is a dynamic and focused facilitator. I’ve always been extremely impressed to see Ruby’s ability to keep a group focused on an intention and to make any difficult situation into a meaningful learning experience for all involved.

Charlie Ahlquist
Area Director - Office Of Campus Living, Lewis And Clark College​

The fierce integrity of Ruby’s sense of social justice, rooted in a sensitive and compassionate understanding of her fellow beings, makes any workshop she facilitates a soulful and authentic experience. I love her potent ability to grow into her own power as a leader, and a woman, and her generosity to see, and to nurture the emergence of power in others. Ruby brings her resilient strength, and her deep sense of play into everything she takes on.

Ellen McGinn
Educator With Students On Ice, Volunteer With Power Of Hope​

Ruby uses art, body movement, and her excellent facilitation skills to draw knowledge out of groups and help them do the vulnerable and important work of personal and political transformation. Her ability to challenge people while inviting them to be creative allows individuals and groups to build trust and go deep. Our participants consistently mention the session in program evaluations as one of their favourites and talk about using the techniques learned in their work. Participants who don’t see themselves as “artsy” especially appreciate the opportunity to engage with this part of themselves in a non-judgemental and encouraging space.

Laura Collison
Next Up Program Coordinator, Edmonton

I had the great fortune of having Ruby Smith-Díaz as a guest speaker in my Afrofuturism in Music classes at SFU and VCC last week. Ruby designed an interactive workshop for us that connected the global history of anti-Blackness, the need for Afrofuturism, and its healing potential for individuals and communities. Ruby is a talented speaker and educator and I highly recommend her if you’re looking for group facilitation or curriculum development work.

Deirdre Morgan
Ph.D. Ethnomusicology Lecturer - Simon Fraser University & Vancouver Community College